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Originally Posted by geeWiz15
Cause discussion isn't possible if the proper response to disagreement isn't to talk about it. Nowadays the proper response to disagreement is to leave a negative rep that the person will never see and that won't affect them. It's a stupid system but if it's going to exist we should at least use it correctly.

Oh yeah AND it's anonymous. Total ***** move. What a horrible system. Discourages discussion, doesn't really affect anything, and for those of you who DO care about their reputation, it's possible to ruin that reputation without ever showing your face. The internet is anonymous enough as it is. It's dumb, get rid of it.
Anyways, how many do you have geeWiz? So basically no one can give you negative rep now, even if you act like a complete moron all the time since you have the highest rep. That is not a very concrete system.

EDIT: Ok saw that 41pts. after.
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