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Default Re: as the trade deadline approaches...

we dont need a vet the only vets i want on this team are sammy d and andre iggy.
picks for miller ? who said picks(i just want another first) .....hell i'd trade him for cap space ala' suns kurt thomas. yes i know he's a pg why dont we give him to the cavs where he lead the league in apg ( i dont see this happening again mind you)
what free agents will want to come here if andre miller is still here he's an asset at best for us he's old which we dont need at all at the moment i mean we start willie green at sg for ray allens sake. louis williams a natural pg far from it but did you see that dunk from miami where he drove past wade ??? hell that'll put people in the seats and keep 76s in philly for now until we get better ( have you seen any home games we look like the hawks and i've never seen them play live ever.........)

SUPRISES SO FAR: sammy d is playing crazy d offence still out to lunch
iggy is well iggy.....sigh. (hit one at the buzzer to win one gives me hope for the padawan ronin)
andre miller still in sixer uniform
got rid of king
traded korver
louis fiasco williams still on bench
seen gordy g play against raptors doesn't look solid at all
we are not deadlast because we can't beat them show off knickerboxers and t'wolves.
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