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Default Re: Biggest Need for next year?

Originally Posted by mln03
Assuming they don't trade for anyone at the deadline and they re-sign Iggy in the off-season, what position/player do you think would make the biggest impact on next years team. It could be free agent or draft pick.

PF will most likely be a need. I'm not sure if Thaddeus Young is either your starting SF, PF, or is going to swing between both positions, but they will still need a banger down low. If he were a bit younger, I would probably suggest Elton Brand. Darrell Arthur of Kansas could be drafted, should he enter, but he's 6'9" 235 lbs, and could use some bulking up (though there's no denying how much more athletic he would make the Sixers starting unit). Brook Lopez is also a possible choice. He's 7 feet tall, and he's a big guy. He'd add size to the Sixers and could be a very good role player.

If the Sixers end up getting a top five pick, then I think they should consider O.J. Mayo. I know he doesn't have the greatest attitude in the world, but he's a good scorer, and could be the #1 option. Derrick Rose should also get a look, and Beasley's a pass for me unless they're at 4 or 5. Nic Batum could go to them if his stock can get a bit higher.
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