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Default Re: Biggest Need for next year?

lopez, batum , mayo realistic for five to ten range for real. but we may get more picks so pg situation could spell dj augstine or hell hibbert but he wont got as late as everyone thinks but after lopez barring horrible injury. so yea pf is a real glaring need reggie evans is a monster rebounder but not much else and more servicable off the bench and t.young undersized pf.I hope he develops sf and becomes a swingman like that. and jason smith better get agents???? i say bank it or don't make a sammy d contract to anchor our cap to hell. have we used our mid level exception ( im such a horrible fan) . i'd say band aid a vetren contract for next year and pull our young'ns into contra guns. keep iggy but not max out iggy even though theres gonna be some hater offers coming our way. as for andre miller trade why hasn't anyone thought of getting tinsley in a package deal?? sure he has more years but 3 for 21million for the fifth leader in assists is not so bad they both can't shoot so hell why not that teams gonna blow up as soon as jo leaves town.(ish rumors)p.s hansborough, kevin love not bad pick ups late eh? i hope derrick byers doesnt kick us in the rear like that bruce bowen guy or raja bell good call on letting those guys walk eh. suprised we didnt keep ricky d, larry hughes, or tim thomas with the way things were going during those years.

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