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At best, JJ Redick is another Michael Redd, at worst, he is another Steve Kerr.
He probably will average anywhere between 7-12ppg in his rookie year (hopefully his back is healthy) and should have a few 20 - 25 point outings with Nelson and Howard on the team, but Rookie of the year will be tough.

Brandon Roy and Randy Foye are both in situations where they will be able to make some noise, especially Roy as we know that Portland is going nowhere this year and will not win more than 30 games.

Adam Morrision looks like a prime candidate for the award as he will likely start and produce 12-15 ppg, 4-6 rpg. He is in a position where he might be Charlotte's best perimeter player and will be relied on to contribute immediatly.

Although any one of these guys can win it, I think that the real surprise will be Andrea Bargnani. He is aggressive with the ball (although he hangs out on the perimeter more than he should - ala Tim Thomas).

I want to say Bargnani will win it, but it is hard not to think that Morrision will have more of an opportunity to fire more shots and take the award. Rookie of the year: Adam Morrison.
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