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Originally Posted by KnicksFan4Life
You have 0 basketball knowledge. GS wasn't healthy all this year either you moron! Davis was out for most of the season, and when he did play he wasn't at 100%. Utah will never be healthy enough to make the playoffs. Lakers are out of playoff contention for a while, with all the other teams improving a lot. Seattle is terrible, Wilcox doesn't make THAT MUCH of an impact on the team. That puts the West like this

1. Dallas
2. Phoenix
3. Denver
4. San Antonio
5. Los Angelas (Clippers)
6. Rockets
7. Kings

see moron

see, ur the f*cking moron, u said they are a lock and u have them making fuc*king 8th seed, htf is that a lock? Los Angeles is outta contention???? Um, they kinda made it last year 7th seed, they have this 1 guy named kobe, i havnt really seen him before but i heard he had a 81 point game and that he was scoring champ, idk if that means anything to u...If they added radmanovic and all u guys did was lose fisher then how the f*ck would they get worse while u catapult 4 spots or so in the standings. U have no fuc*ing clue. Utah is a better team even if they aren't healthy all year, and seattle is better also. And about ur $hitty playoff standings, u obvioulsy have a 0 basketball IQ cuz ur not taking into account the new format. Denver would be 4th seed if they won division cuz the other 3 will have better records. U obviously are too high off of jared jeffries right now, which by the way will screw u up more, that u can't even talk with any common sense. I can't believe u even signed up in this forum cuz u dont kno jack $hit.
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