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This is my first time on this particular board, so much love to my fellow Clips fans out there...

Anwyays, the biggest misconception is something a couple people already brought up eariler....Where the hell is this great talent the Clippers let get away?

Ken Norman? Danny Manning? Charles Smith? Ron Harper? Lamond Murray? Fat Mo Taylor? Derek Anderson? Lorenzen Wright? Lamar Odom? Michael Olowokandi?

Of those players I've mentioned, probably the only one who had sustained success he left was Ron Harper, but he from a star on the Clips to a role player on the Bulls and Lakers. The rest of them either left the NBA a few years after they left Los Angeles or are still barely in the league.

But then again, this doesn't reflect poorly on Sterling necessarily, but on Elgin Baylor. Baylor is supposingly the one in charge of making trades, signing free agents, and drafting players. To me, up until a few years ago, I felt that Elgin Baylor should have fired years ago, and I still kinda feel that way now. It's looking more and more that Mike Dunleavy is making more of the personnel moves, and Sterling has trusted Dunleavy more and more than probably Baylor anyways, from my view. With that being said, by looking at the messes in New York and Portland (and Golden State and Washington to a lesser extent), I respect Sterling only for him not having a very bloated payroll and wasting money on marginal players.
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