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Default Re: Mitch Kupchak is not a good GM!!

Originally Posted by Smokee
sorry you Laker fans will never live down your retardedness in wanting to trade Bynum for anyone and everyone available at one time just so Kobe could win another championship soon....saying how stupid Kupchak was.

you Laker fans really need to wait a few years before you can talk w/o putting your foot in your mouth. I think 3 years minimum until you can call Kupchak stupid over Laker fans being more retarded.
...that sentence basically wraps up Laker fan.

My main thing is these dudes come with the same excuse-laden BS every year and when you try to call them out, MODS want to start deleting posts and banning accounts. But yet, threads like these remain.

Laker fans have no direction with their rooting interests other than applauding anything Kobe does. Everything else is subject to be criticized at a drop of a dime. Nevermind they're not that good anyway. Let's blame the GM. Let's rename Odom, Odumb, and continue to blame him. Blame the fact Phil doesn't call timeouts. Blame Kwame for being Kwame. Blame Odom again for 'hurting' Bynum and Ariza. Blame injuries again. Blame the teams in the East.

Argh, this crying is ridiculous.
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