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Default Re: Lakers/Bucks fans: Would you approve of this trade?

Originally Posted by starface
When it comes to Lamar Odom you think Lakers fans have some agenda that makes them want to keep Lamar Odom down? You think thousands of Laker fans have some longstanding personal vendetta with Odom and they just dont wanna see him shine? go ahead, explain yourself.

Lakers fans are the most delusional, unrealistic, schizophrenic bunch on this board. Everything has an agenda. Bynum is being compared to everyone from Kareem to Shaq nowadays, while he was universally slagged this summer. Odom goes from being worthless to Scottie Pippenesque 3-4 times a season, depending on how well the Lakers are doing.

Not that it matters. What matters is that if Odom is so universally disliked for being such a bad player, then why do the Lakers fans expect to get quality players for him?

Same goes for Kwame. His massive expiring contract is always lauded to heavens in trade suggestions, so why the f*ck don't the Lakers keep him then? I mean, if it's so great to have 10 million a year come off your books, why wouldn't the Lakers want that?
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