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Default the knick situation is not good

let me be the first to say that the knicks are going to be crap next year. You should all just quit now. Isiah will not do anything to improve the situation. He will keep LB, starburry and the rest. He will bring in more selfish players and make the situation even worse. He will however do a good draft, like always. But unfortunately LB is a bad coach for young up and commers. That poor fellow will be relegated to the bench and sunk deep below. Its sad really.

Soo much money but no brains. Make Isiah the coach and hire a new president/Gm. Fire LB immediately. Trade away starburry and this team is going to the playoffs. Every team that starburry leaves ends up going to the playoffs or doing better. Its a fact, dont deny it.

Lets try to get some debate on the points i made here and see what the replies are.
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