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Default Re: How many championships will Durant-Green win?

er...I'm pretty sure no Sonics fan is thinking 'championship' lol.

Let's say we draft Rose or Jordon to address a gaping need. We'll still be a very very young team. I'm kind of reductionist and fundamental when it comes to the set-up of a team. I also like balance. Look at the spurs, pistons, early millennium lakers. I dont think Durant is necessarily someone who can lead this team to the finals. looking at Portland, they've got nearly everything in place- a monster C (we presume), a very talented scoring pf, a multi-faceted sg. The thing they lack is an outside shooter (we'll have to see if Outlaw/Webster can do that) and a decent pg (Blake is okay but he's no starter on a top team).

That's a great set-up because you have balance in the frontcourt, it's a team that can run AND play halfcourt and the bench is good.

This would be a good start:




We MUST encourage Green to become a defensive presence on the wing imho.

? indicated a space that we HAVE to fill with some of our cap space or via trade. Petro just isnt going to do anything for a winning team and neither are Ridnour or Watson.

Watson is playing quite well atm so I'd shop him to death for space/picks.

Sorry, back to the question- 'none' is my initial reaction. I am ,however, more confident than previous years in our ability to get something decent out of drafts.
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