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Here's my depth chart.
PG Speedy Claxton, Royal Ivey, Tyronn Lue
SG Joe Johnson, Salim Stoudamire
SF Josh Smith, Josh Childress
PF Marvin Willams, Shelden Williams, Esteban Batista, Solomon Jones
C Lorenzen Wright, Zaza Pachulia

Hawks needed veteran center and they got it in Wright. Josh has all potential and I think Marv has the potential to be the best of the hawks (in the long run) if he gets playing time, starting time, this season.

Here's the fun part. If the hawks get a good start to the upcoming season, like win 4 and lose like 1, They are going to be fun to watch untill couple of months in, then their experience, or lack of, will show and they finnish the season out of playoffs. But after next season they are going to be better.
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