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Originally Posted by geeWiz15
I disagree. He doesn't have the body to play on the low block, pretty much everything Bosh does is from 15-18 feet. Why shouldn't he develop the capability to hit an open three? It's not like he'd take more than 2 or 3 in a game. I don't think he should become a three point shooter, because his go-to zone should be the midrange, but having the ability would be good for a player such as him. You need to make them honor you if you catch it at the 3 line or you'll just pass it off and lose the scoring opportunity that can come from having a center have to step all the way out to the 3 line against a much faster player.

He doesn't have the body to play on the block but that doesn't mean he can't get to the basket. Over the season Bosh has gone away from driving in because he is getting good at making the 15 foot jumper. The more he does that, the more inconsistent he will get. Why should he settle for jump shots when he can drive in and get fouled (which happens a lot to him because of his frame, I bet he is top 10 in free throws attempted which is rare for a PF) or blow by the defender. WHY should he develop a three point shot when he can get a higher % shot at ease. There is no point to it, if anything Bosh needs to be more aggresive and needs to utilize his quickness even more.
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