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Default Re: Bobcats Off Topic Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by The Big Three
What do you guys think about a possible one-world government? Sorry if I've alienated a few of you in the OTC, but a lot of videos have really caught my eye and made me think. Here is one of them:

I also suggest watching Aaron Russo's 'Freedom to Fascism'. It can also be found on YouTube in 11 parts. It may be long, but it is a good documentary. One note to both of the videos: They both say that the Real ID cards will come out in May of 2008. That date has now been pushed back to 2017. Why? I don't know.

If you want to delve in a bit deeper, like I am, some search topics you might want to use are 'CFR' (Council on Foreign Relations), 'Zionism and 9/11' (I haven't watched much of that, but Doomsday Dallas said it has a lot of significance), and 'Illuminati'.

"Zionism and 9/11' ??? How easily mindless people are led like sheep to hate first and not think. You probably would not even consider encouraging people to read a Ku Klux Klan website because it would rightfully offend nearly all whites and blacks who post here because of its' vitriol and inaccuracies. You'd be wise to think twice about spewing or encouraging poison and lies against any of us minorities, whether we're racial, religious, ethnic or any other kind of minority.
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