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Default Re: Bobcats Off Topic Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by The Big Three
What do you guys think about a possible one-world government? Sorry if I've alienated a few of you in the OTC, but a lot of videos have really caught my eye and made me think. Here is one of them:

I also suggest watching Aaron Russo's 'Freedom to Fascism'. It can also be found on YouTube in 11 parts. It may be long, but it is a good documentary. One note to both of the videos: They both say that the Real ID cards will come out in May of 2008. That date has now been pushed back to 2017. Why? I don't know.

If you want to delve in a bit deeper, like I am, some search topics you might want to use are 'CFR' (Council on Foreign Relations), 'Zionism and 9/11' (I haven't watched much of that, but Doomsday Dallas said it has a lot of significance), and 'Illuminati'.
one type of government would completely corrupt the universe, most likely tearing a hole right through it.

but seriously, there a whole lot of insane leaders out there that would not respond or agree to anything like this.

one world government =
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