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NEVER forget da SONICS
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Default crawford as a sonic?

how sweet would this be?

There's bad and then there's the Knicks. Anytime Sonics fans want to groan and bemoan how terrible their team is, they need to take a long look at the Knicks and thank the basketball gods that Isiah Thomas isn't coaching this team. Ok that's a little harsh. Isiah the coach isn't so bad, but Isiah the GM is horrible. Case in point is New York's broken down lineup of mismatching parts. Spoke with Rainier Beach boys Jamal Crawford and Nate Robinson afterward. Crawford is ready for a new change of venue. He told me he's making the best of a tough situation, but wouldn't mind being traded. He talked about returning to Seattle and playing here, but then a lot of the Seattle guys say that. Crawford seemed serious, however, there's nothing in the works and it probably will never happen because he essentially plays Kevin Durant's position. Seattle Times
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