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Default Re: Bobcats Off Topic Discussion Thread

There will never be a one-world-government any more than there will ever be a one-world-religion. No offense to any of you, really, but everyone knows that throughout the past couple of thousand years Christians have committed slaughter, genocide, (even supposed 'humanitarian' efforts') etc in their attempts to convert and rule the world. (Fanatical Muslims are now trying to do the same thing and people just don't get that this is a historical phenomenon that was not started by the Muslims). But us minorities just have not died. We refuse to give up our identities no matter how hard you folks try by killing us, feeding us, or whatever other methods exist for trying to get people to give up our identities and beliefs. It will be the same way for people's values and identities as they are expressed in our forms of government. One size--one viewpoint--will never fit all. People were created to be able to think for ourselves even though it is very clear that too many of us have abdicated our responsibility to do so.
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