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Default Re: Bobcats Off Topic Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by ILuvThisGame
Exactly the problem with a one world government.... take the fact the the majority of people in the world are christian but the muslim faith is quickly growing and I could see it becoming the dominant religion of the world very soon. If the leader of this one world government were to hide his fanatical viewpoint and win over the muslim votes once he took power of the world (sounds good doesn't it) he could express whatever he wanted to and who would be there to stop him? he is in control of everything. just like the United States has a check and balances system every individual government is the check and balance for every other government, without this who is to stop the leader of the world from declaring that 3rd world countries are a strain on the world's economy and putting money into them is pointless. Now we have innocent people dying because they were born into poverty and the mass immigration of these people to other regions would cause a strain on that region whether it be economic, food shortages, population stress. Or if he was to segregate the world because he had a strong feeling of racial inequality..... the pitfalls are endless.

And as for Doomsday... I have no problem when people express their opinions but his "research" comes from youtube, micheal moore, and websites people have made themselves on geocities. And when you give him multiple credible sources that contradict his obviously bias "facts" he refuses to back down or even concede to the fact that its even a possibility that his conspiracy could be wrong. That is when I throw anything he says out the window. Because how can you take someone's opinion to be worth anything when you know they refuse to look at it from all angles objectively?

Very well-thought-out.
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