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Default Re: Bobcats Off Topic Discussion Thread

If the leader of this one world government were to hide his fanatical viewpoint and win over the muslim votes once he took power of the world (sounds good doesn't it) he could express whatever he wanted to and who would be there to stop him?
It would never happen. A lot of people are against O'Bama because he has a Muslim background. Everyone except Muslims are wary of them because they know about their religion. One of the tenets of Islam is that the infidels (Non-Muslims) must die if they do not accept their religion. No one wants someone with that mindset leading anything.

his "research" comes from youtube, micheal moore, and websites people have made themselves on geocities. And when you give him multiple credible sources that contradict his obviously bias "facts" he refuses to back down or even concede to the fact that its even a possibility that his conspiracy could be wrong. That is when I throw anything he says out the window. Because how can you take someone's opinion to be worth anything when you know they refuse to look at it from all angles objectively?
exactly. Youtube, Michael Moore, and random geocities sites are not credible at all. That's why I don't listen to anything he has to say. He is, as OWL put it, a mental blind sheep who can't think for himself. He's a child lost in a fantasy world not knowing what to do for himself so he'll follow anyone who looks halfway stable.
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