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Default Re: Bobcats Off Topic Discussion Thread

[quote=Timmeh]It would never happen. A lot of people are against O'Bama because he has a Muslim background. Everyone except Muslims are wary of them because they know about their religion. One of the tenets of Islam is that the infidels (Non-Muslims) must die if they do not accept their religion. No one wants someone with that mindset leading anything.QUOTE]

You assume things about Muslims without questioning. Therefore, you would be the wrong kind of person to lead anything. You listen to people who are only willing to see Muslims in one negative stereotypical way. Yours is an ignorance and prejudice that is as bad as any stereotyping. Over the decades of my life I have had the opportunity to know many Muslim people and I must say that they are the some of the kindest, most humble and respectful (respectful of all religions), family-oriented and intelligent people whom I have ever met. What worries me is that too many people have the kind of ignorant and intolerant attitudes like you have, Timmeh. My heart bled after Sept 11 when I saw the lengths that Muslims and non-Muslim dark-skinned people (including some of them who were my family members, friends and neighbors)--All of them citizens of the US, mind you--had to go to in order to convince the public of their loyalty to the US just to keep from having their homes and businesses trashed and their familty members murdered. Certainly you remember that many dark-skinned American citizens were murdered after 9/11 by people who likely considered themselves the model of American Christianity and virtue. The murderers were by no means a model of Christianity nor virtue but they were hate-filled people full of ignorance and fear. Read your own scriptures and then look at what has been done in the name of all of our religions, irrespective of what our scriptures say. Yes you all are mostly young and gullible, but surely you have seen that all groups--religions, political parties, ethnicities and racial groups--have their extreme elements but most people are not extremists. Big f*cing deal that Obama may or may not have a Muslim background. Why is that any worse than Mike Huckabee being a Baptist pastor? Why is it any worse than the many mindless people of all religious persuasions who run our governments at all levels.
When people like you try to convince others to hate using lies, stereotyping just plain bigotry, you represent all that is wrong with our country.
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