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Default Re: Bobcats Off Topic Discussion Thread

I wouldn't call Timmeh's point of view ignorant or bigot. Muslim's do not believe that non-muslims should die. Muslims are actually very caring and accepting people. And yes people are wary of Obama's muslim family upbringing but that is the United States... We are talking about a one world government, the population of the United States would only be a small representation of the people expressing who should be leader of this one world government. Asia is the most populated continent and Europe and Asia is seeing a huge spike in the followers of the Muslim religion they would most likely be the places that would decide the leader if it came down to a voting system like the United States have (much like California/Florida/New York and the places with the most electoral votes decide the US election each time). I would have no problem with a Muslim leading this nation or any other nor would Obama (who is not muslim) bother me as the next president. The the followers of the Jihad (or radical muslims who interpret the Koran a different way then the majority of muslims) are the ones who feel non-muslims are inferior and should die.

But how is that any different then any other religion. The catholic and christian church all feel like they are superior to every other religion and have been the reason for many wars and millions of deaths. They may not say they wish death on anyone but all religions seem to have the mindset that everyone who is not a devout follower of their religion should be demoralized and looked down upon until they see their wicked ways and can be shown the light.
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