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Default Re: Bobcats Off Topic Discussion Thread

You assume things about Muslims without questioning. Therefore, you would be the wrong kind of person to lead anything. You listen to people who are only willing to see Muslims in one negative stereotypical way. Yours is an ignorance and prejudice that is as bad as any stereotyping.
First of all OWL, I am not ignorant enough to generalize every single Muslim as one who is bent on killing every non-Muslims. But guess what? Whether you like it or not, that is the image a lot of people have about them. I realize there are good Muslim people, but there are also the bad ones. I did not assume anything, I know the tenets and pillars of Islam very well. I listen to both sides of every story before I get involved and for you to accuse me of being a bigot is not looking at it from how I saw it to begin with. I looked at it from the general POV, not my own.
Read your own scriptures and then look at what has been done in the name of all of our religions, irrespective of what our scriptures say.
I think you are referring to the Crusades that happened about 400 years ago. Please understand that during that time, the Church was chalk full of corruption. If you ask Christians today, they'd tell you that those crusades were wrong.
Yes you all are mostly young and gullible, but surely you have seen that all groups--religions, political parties, ethnicities and racial groups--have their extreme elements but most people are not extremists.
I agree with that statement. Sadly, the extremists get more attention in the media, thus painting the picture for the entire group. It's not fair, but that is the general view.
Big f*cing deal that Obama may or may not have a Muslim background. Why is that any worse than Mike Huckabee being a Baptist pastor? Why is it any worse than the many mindless people of all religious persuasions who run our governments at all levels.
You wanna know why its a big deal? Because American society, as well as most other major societies around the world are led by cultures. Which do you think would gain more acceptance in America, a Baptist or a Muslim? Switch it to the other side, which do you think would gain more acceptance in Saudi Arabia, a Baptist or a Muslim. I understand why it bothers you and it really doesn't seem fair, but that's human nature for you.
When people like you try to convince others to hate using lies, stereotyping just plain bigotry, you represent all that is wrong with our country.
I haven't tried to convince others to hate anything. I haven't lied, stereotyped or anything. I presented the general view of how Americans view Islams. I never said that it was my personal view. The same example stands for how Americans used to view blacks. That has changed fortunately. It is how Americans view the surge of Latino numbers immigrating from Mexico. There aren't a lot of people in support of it right now, but that view will change over time I'm sure.

I apologize if what I said hurt you because it was never intended to hurt anyone. I only presented the general view. To be honest, I know that there are great Muslim people in the world. I feel bad for them because they're doing the best they can but are having a hard time getting accepted because there are people on the other side of the world killing others for the sake of their religion.
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