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This is more a bulls trade idea, just involving you.

Ben Gordon straight up for Andre Miller

This gives you a second scorer to play alongside Iguodala so that he can go back to being the all-around player that he should be instead of worrying about scoring every time he touches the ball.

Two problems that I see: one, I doubt the money is even.. I think (not at all sure) that Miller makes around 8 mil a year, and gordon makes about 3.5 mil. so that wouldn't work out.. but we could always through in a scrub or two to make it work.

Secondly, that leaves you without a true point guard. Louis Williams is a Ben Gordon clone, just worse... and neither of them should be playing PG cuz I don't think either of them has ever learned how to pass. But with the good PG prospects coming up in the draft, maybe this is a deal with that draft in mind? Or maybe it's a possible S and T this summer, since Gordon is up for an extension?

Just an idea, lemme know
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