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Originally Posted by bigboi_baller
theres more to it than a lack of defense. Bibby is a scoring guard, he's not really a set up type of guy. For the amount of time he handles the ball, he should have a lot more assists.

I really think it was the way our team has been built lately and the type of offense Adelman uses. I mean in the glory days with Webber, Divac, etc. you had some really good players like Doug and Vlade but they weren't scorers. They were really creative passers that did other things too. The offense had like Webber, Vlade, Christie passing the ball while Peja and Mike got themselves open.

When Mike was a grizzlie and the season Brad broke his leg while Chris and Doug got traded Mike really started to put up more assists. He got WAY more actually. Then this season our only good passer was Brad(and Ron but he wasn't here for half of the season) and nobody else could create their shot too well either(Bonzi and Reef are both pretty good in the post, but they have no handles or shooting abillity). Mike was the only guy who could hit the open 3s besides Kevin. It was up to Mike to score the points from the perimeter or else everybody down low couldn't work because defenses collapsed on them. If we had some better shooters on this team Mike could drive again instead of having to stay at the 3 point line/run around on the perimeter while people post up. Hopefully with a new coach, Bonzi's departure, and a few more offseason moves that'll change.
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