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Originally Posted by Mathius
He isn't worthy to be the scum, on the dog$hit, on the bottom of my shoe. I despise him.

He isn't even worthy to be called a troll because he's not doing it on purpose. He's really just too stupid to realize that everything he says is ignorant, embarrassing, annoying, and makes the rest of us look bad.

He's also obviously too stupid to realize he's been on my ignore list for well over a year now, and I never see any of the ignorant crap he posts in response to me.

He should have been banned from this board a long time ago, but the tumor is still here.

He should be banned from the entire internet and someone help us if he ever learns how to reproduce.


You are over 30 yrs.old, and i have been reading your crappy posts since 2007. You never contribute anything in this forum beside spewing some $hit in the Internet.

Now Mosquito bite maybe you can get a gun, and shoot yourself right now.

If i am in your ignore lists you have no reason to read my posts, so maybe you can Shut the Hell up before somebody kick your ass outside the internet.

The moral lesson of this posts is STFU!!!!

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