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Default Sampson gets first commit

Brandon McGee to Indiana

Interesting quotes:

McGee: ''[Crane coach Anthony Longstreet] thought it was a rush decision. He thought I should take a few more visits.''

Brandon's aunt, Lomita McGee: ''There might be something leaking out that he's taking a visit to Iowa. Brandon doesn't want to do that, and that won't be necessary."

''Longstreet is used to being a little more in control of the recruitment. It's the biggest thing with him.''

Longstreet, as some may recall, was also the high school coach of Kansas freshman Sherron Collins. Others may recall my strong insinuations that Longstreet played a rather unscrupulous role in delivering Collins to Kansas, when Collins himself said last July that Illinois was his favorite.

If you read between the lines on the quote from McGee's aunt, you should be able to see why all the things I've said on that subject aren't merely sour grapes.
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