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Originally Posted by mlh1981
Thought on the guy? He's really stepped it up for is in the absence of..............our whole team. Everyone knew that he could play good defense, but he's been stepping up his game offensively as well. When everyone comes back healthy, where does Ira fit in the rotation?

Look up some of my posts if you want. I've been lobbying for this guy to play more for 2 years.

He didn't play a lick during Mike Brown's first season, and in season 2, with Larry Hughes playing so bad, I said why not give him a chance?

Last year when Lebron went down, Mike Brown dusted Ira off and started him off all things, and I think he finished with 21 points. I KNOW he hit 6 three pointers in that game.

Mike Brown's substitution patterns are disgusting. He'll sit a guy for 6 weeks and then when someone gets injured, he'll put them in his place because he "doesn't want to mess with his rotation".

The guy is an f'ing idiot who needs to be replaced.

Anyways, enough Mike Brown ranting.

I'm not sure if Ira's defense is as good as advertised, or if that's just the local angle, but I can say with all surety that in the games I've seen him play, his offense has improved by leaps and bounds.

I have so much faith in his improved game, that I'd even go out on a limb and say if he had had a chance to step in last season and play bigger minutes, he might be able to live up to that contract.

I don't think the guy was ready to start and have the pressure of that big contract on him when he played under Silas, but I think he'd make a fine 6th man now, if not a starter. He's definitely an improvement over Hughes right now.

I don't care how many good games Hughes has had lately, he's still 1 in 10 for showing up, and shooting something in the 30's. Its disgusting for a 'shooting guard'. I think the guy has serious mental issues. Remember last year when he said he was more comfortable at point guard because he felt when he was playing "shooting guard" he had to shoot jumpers?


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