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Originally Posted by sixty
If Detox comes out.... maybe, just maybe rap will get back on it course..

That has to be a joke right? Isn't that Bubba Sparxx brother or something along the line??

Rap isn't close to dead. I bet most of you here are some suburban white boys who are just talking, especially LAALAA.

First thing, some of those rappers have gone through what they rap about.

If you want real rap, look into Texas, or most rap down south.
Rappers to look up....
Z-ro, similar to Tupac, considered a Texas version of Tupac
Trae, talks about real life stuff
Guerilla Maab- Z-ro, Trae, and their cousin, same type of stuff.
Chamillionaire- good mix of music, and his older stuff from 4 years ago, really clever and witty, some of the best metaphors and punchlines ever!
Nas, he's still alive, just hasn't come out with a CD, and isn't about Pop music like Jay Z was, Nas just gets no love from the media.
The Game, I'm not a fan, but he does good music.

Kanye West, does great beats, but sucks as a rapper, his content his good though, he is a genious.

Rock music has fallen off also, I remember the days of Metallica, AC/DC, SevenDust, Tool, Alice N Chains, Guns and Roses, Rage Against the Machine, Live. Now those were rock groups, not these gay punk rock groups, with shiiity guitar play, and a dude that sounds like crap trying to make music.
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