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Originally Posted by Mathius
Ira Newble should in no way, shape, or form, be playing PF. He's something like 6'7" tops?

He plays some PF for us because Mike Brown is too stupid to give Dwayne Jones and/or Cedric Simmons a shot, and injuries have depleted the position for us.

Which is asinine, considering we traded to acquire both of those players. It's good that we gave up other players to get them, and then don't even see what we have.

Mike Brown is obviously one of those coaches who thinks that the way people handle themselves in practice is exactly how they're going to handle themselves in a game. At least that's all I can think of. And it's a stupid theory.


well yeah, newble technically shouldn't be playin PF, but the thread started asked where he should be in our rotation, so i just took into account Mike Brown's thinking, which is moronic. lol.
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