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Default Re: I.Y.O, the Most Offending/Contemptuous Insult

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
You have no desire to prove yourself, because you clearly don't have any worthy accomplishment to your name. Simple az that.

And no you can continue to be a delusional retard, but by girl I'm referring to the 5'3" 105 pound 36-21-35 D-Cup babe I've gone out with for five monthz.

Detroit AHAHAHAHA. Don't uze that "I grew up in a tough place" excuse. Just about everybody I knew has.
I've survived on consuming bits and pieces of asphalt.
I've dealt with drugdealerz as a child.

No excuse not to visit a gym, you lazy, fat, unmotivated bum.

"It'z hard to stay humble when you're as great as Jefferson."

No, it's because everybody knows that real ****** do what they want, and fake ****** talk about what they wanna do.

They make 105 pound blow up dolls these days? No wonder you say you're so buff, luggin that around all the time must be exhausting.

I thought you were supposed to be a genius? The inferred message was that we're not known for fightin people round these parts. It wasn't to say that growing up here made me tough, it just gave me easy access to firearms.

You didn't eat asphalt either, you ate paint chips. Stop tellin lies.
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