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Default Re: I.Y.O, the Most Offending/Contemptuous Insult

Originally Posted by JayGuevara
Personally I call all white people I can find a honky, a cracker ass cracka, or my personal favorite, white devil.

P.S. - Ekwensu Ocha.

Haha, izn't that what that dude from Ace Ventura said?
A comedic classic!

Now that I think about it East Asianz and South Asianz frequently say something along the lines of "white demon" too. Yanguizi, I believe?

Fortunately I have just about every "race" in my ancestry, and physically I appear white, when I'm black from the waist down, Latino in the my flavorful personality, South Asian in my mathematical intelligence, and East Asian in my martial artz.
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