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Default Re: I.Y.O, the Most Offending/Contemptuous Insult

I let it roll off my back. Not being the biggest guy out there, I'm not going to start any fights unless something really means something. And the only situation where that might be the case is if someone is hassling a friend of mine, and they're bothered by it. I might jump in and say something, although there's no way in hell I ever throw the first punch in a fight. Although the situation hasn't come up yet though, so I don't know for sure. Maybe I'd be a big ***** and get the **** out of there, leaving my friends behind. I don't think I would, but I can't say for sure.

I'm Jewish, so I've caught a little bit of name-calling for that. Most in good nature, some more mean-spirited. I don't let it bother me anymore, mostly because I figure if you have to resort to calling me something to do with a religion I don't even really associate with that much (just the most basic holidays really), you probably aren't worth my time anyways.

And why does name-calling bother people anyways? Even insulting a religion, a race, an ethnic group, etc. What happens when you get pissed off at these people? Chances are if they're still slurring people for things they can't control, you aren't going to be changing anyone's mind with it. Defend your people? Against what, the idea that some *******s in the world consider you inferior, or different? Again, getting upset has as much chance of changing these people's views as doing absolutely nothing.

Even basic name-calling makes no sense to me. You call someone a faag and they go crazy? Well, I suppose I don't understand it because I never go crazy, because chances are the only time anyone will go crazy is if they know that they've got the better chance to win if this thing escalates into a fight. Maybe if I stood that chance, I'd see the satisfaction of kicking the **** out of some jerk who has the wrong idea about everything. At this point though? Naa. I won't like to hang around that person (doing the insulting), because I realize that they're a dumbass, but taking any offense to it is just falling into the exact trap that dumbass wants you to fall into.
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