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For the record: In regards to Sherron Collins recruitment, Longstreet encouraged Collins to go the Late Night at KU. While there Collins wanted to give Bill Self a verbal but Longstreet advised him to not make a spur of the moment decision. So a few days later he commited to the Jayhawks.
So we're not even gonna wait a full calendar year before we revise history, huh?

Illini fans love to make excuses for Weber and his lack of ability in recruiting. This is no different. You have Gordon, for now. I'll take my chances with Rush, Wright, & Collins. Thanks
Go ahead and take your chances. I'll love ours next year with Pruitt, Randle, Semrau, Smith, Carlwell, Gordon and McCamey. 2007 should be KU's year; 2008 should be ours. We'll see how it goes.

As far as Weber's "lack of ability" to recruit, that's so tired. Go back and look at Self's track record at Illinois, in terms of the caliber of players he was recruiting. How many McDonald's All-Americans in three years? One. How many guys that were ranked No. 2 in America? None. How many Top 100 players? Seven- a whopping one more than Weber has landed.
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