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Originally Posted by MarloStanfield
WTF are you smoking?

These are some of the worst trade proposals I've ever seen. Maybe you should stick to posting in the Spurs forum because those proposals are downright disgusting.

The Sixers are attempting to develop their young talent and doing a decent job at it surprisingly. What in the world would they want to do with Jason Williams? Andre Miller is a good point guard. The Sixers would actually need to get offered something more than an expiring contract and another swingman to obtain Miller.

You honestly think the Sixers would be inclined to give up their best player in Iggy to get Dorell Wright? And people thought that the Gasol trade was bad. This is one of the worst trade proposals I've ever seen.

Nonetheless what really takes the cake as the worst trade proposal I've ever seen is trade scenario 3. This one just makes me laugh. I'm sure the sixers would be willing to give up their two best players for a combination of Chris Quinn, Jason Williams, and Dorell Wright. Wow, I'm pretty speechless. Last I checked the sixers had a much better record, more cap room, and more young talent than the Heat.

Chris Quinn is lucky that he's even playing in the NBA. Jason Williams probably won't be in the league after this year. Dorell Wright is a mediocre project at best. Thaddeus Young looks like 3x the player Wright is and he's a rookie. Please try harder next time.

Looking back, I am not quite sure what I was on at the time.

But if what I'm assuming is correct, that you just clicked on the links and didn't read the text under them, then it does look like a downright ass-raping. In trade one, I have no excuse for my stupidity. That was just a flatout messup. In the second trade, I added a first round pick to the deal for the 76ers, giving them Dorrell Wright (expirer), Chris Quinn (expirer, filler), and a draft pick that may or may not end up being the #1 overall pick. It would likely be protected, however, and Philadelphia would look very bad in the short term without their best player. In the third trade, I also have a first rounder, along with Dorrell Wright, Jason Williams, and Chris Quinn, which gives Philadelphia some cap space in the offseason, as well as possibly two lottery picks, or a draft pick down the road. This too was a mistake, as Philadelphia loses their two best players.

In conclusion, I would give myself a grade of 0/3. However, I do not think they are the "worst trades ever", but yes; they are pretty bad. And I no longer think that Iguodala will get traded.

Oh, and as for the fourth trade proposal, I really like Dalembert right now, and I hope he isn't traded. Make that 0/4.
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