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its ours nxt year LA09
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Originally Posted by cyco127
You said that the knicks players ruined LB's rep. How so?(if it was anybody in NY it was Isiah)
Forcing teams to fire you so they'll have to pay you god-awful amounts of money, when you don't wanna be there anyway??? That's downright shady.
And how lond has it been since he's really shown any commitment to one team?
IMO, Larry Brown has gone from asset to liability over the course of the last two years. If I were a GM, I'd certainly be leery of signing Brown to a multi-year contract.
Yeah i know, Larry Browns reputation ruining period started from Isiah and when the players heard their Gm was blaming the coach they were all blaming him. He did want to be there and he wasnt doing it just for the money. He was proud that he was gonna coach the Knicks. It hasnt been long because all the teams that hes been on start hating him if he doesnt accomplish the goal they want to.

If I were a GM id be excited to sign after winning with the pistons.
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