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Originally Posted by Finn T-Mac
So was it, in Your mind OK to let go Miles and Odom? Cause I get the feeling that Boykins was the only guy you would have keeped?

I wouldve kept both Miles and Odom if I could. The only person I wouldve let go is Jeff McInnis. Remember the Clipps tried to trade Maggette for Andre Miller at first and when that fell through, we offered Odom and the Cavs were considering it until they decided he wasnt healthy enough. We then agreed to send Miles which looked like a smart deal at the time because we got a true PG in Andre Miller who is heaps better than Jeff McInnis. Also remember Kandi Man put up 20 and 10 in his last 15 games or so the previous season and at the time our team looked really impressive on paper.

C Kandi Man/ Melvin Ely
PF Elton Brand/ Chris Wilcox/
SF Lamar Odom/ Corey Maggette/
SG Quentin Richardson/ Eric Piatkowski
PG Andre Miller/ Keyon Dooling

That team on paper sure looked nice. I remember in the 2nd month of the season I think, we were at .500 for the first time for years, and then we lost to the San Antonio Spurs and our team just went downhill after that. Everyone started playing for a contract and our team just self imploded.

Another reason for the losing was our coaching. Alvin Gentry did not know how to discipline our team and was a terrible coach. If Mike Dunleavy had inherited that team I bet we would have made the playoffs.
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