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Both teams played hard
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Default Re: Cavs blockbuster may be coming up

Originally Posted by 2LeTTeRS KD
Bron compains about the talent around him and Kobe doesn't? Bron answers questions the media asks him, he doesn't demand a trade or go out of his way to put down a teammate like Kobe did with his ship (Bynum's) ass out comment or tell fans' if you want to see me play get yourselves a Bull's jersey, or get an icon a top 10 player all time like Shaq traded or try to control his team so much that other players (Chucky Atkins) calls him the real GM of the team. I don't see how a Kobe fan can talk about Bron for complaining about the talent around him.

And the way Kobe made a rap cd and his own little rape case a few years back shows he has a few other interests too but we still don't make these type criticisms against him. I swear some of these fans know nothing except what happened last week, you need to learn your history before making stupid comments.

Note: I normally don't quote myself, but just wanted to state that I'm not saying I feel all this about Kobe before this thread gets flooded with all Kobe fans telling me how ignorant I am for saying this about him. Kobe is a great player and I've defended him to the tune of already calling him a top 15 player all time who I expect to retire as top 10, but these are valid points about Kobe that have to be considered. He only served as an example to show how talk about Bron only wanting to be a global icon or being anything less than an ideal teammate who is not concerned enough about winning is unwarranted. Its the same thing they said about MJ and Shaq and we see how their careers turned out.

If we have a flame war now unless I was able to state my view before it happened.
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