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Default Re: Cavs blockbuster may be coming up

In regards to the reported Cleveland blockbuster trade, David Aldridge writes that the Grizzlies and Heat are said to be involved.

Aldridge was told by six GMs during All-Star weekend that the Heat were actively shopping Shawn Marion. [READ]

Marion to the Cavs?


This guy is usually reliable, so I am bending my rule about forwarding trade speculation from others. As to the substance of it, this is the only thing I hear: Miami and Memphis may be the other players involved. That makes sense because of the following sentence fragment: I was told by no less than six general managers during All-Star weekend that the Heat was shopping Shawn Marion around.

Yup. Marion.

My guess is that they know it will be very difficult to re-sign Marion if he doesn't opt out of his contract after this season and plays out the 2008-09 season. He has one of the toughest agents in the business, Dan Fegan, and Fegan has one goal and one goal only--to get his guys the absolute max. He usually succeeds. If Riles or Micky Arison blanches at that price tag, it would make sense for them to ask around and see what they can get for the Matrix.

If--if--it's Marion, that would certainly give LeBron James some serious help.

My guess is that Miami would wind up with Mike Miller, and Memphis would get that Jason Williams-Ricky Davis slew of expiring contracts. But what would Cleveland donate to the party? That's what's stumping me. Can't imagine Riles would be excited about Larry Hughes, for example. Drew Gooden is on a much shorter contract, though. Ilgauskas? Well, Riles does believe in power basketball, and Z is still 7-2, last time we checked.

Stay tuned. I'm on the bird for a couple of hours, but I'll get back to you before 3 p.m."
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