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Originally Posted by West-Side
That's 14...and I don't really see how the last 4 wide-outs are clearly better then Keyshawn.

Why not? Look at thier production. I left off 15 because the rest of the WR's are arguable. Like Plaixco Burress. I forgot Roy Williams but left him off because he has to prove himself imo. I know the talent, I've seen it in games but go out and put up the numbers to back it ya kno? Couple of WR's i left off.

I think Key is anywhere in ther 15-20 range. Just dont think at this point in his career he is top 15. But where he ranks among the rest of the league imo isnt something to get bent out of shape over. He's a perfect compliment to Steve Smith in that you get a possesson WR who can make the tough catches, sacrifice his body over the middle and also block. Steve Smith can do his thing more so hopefully this duo works like you would expect it too. Even if defense focus on Steve still Key is capable of making catches.
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