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Default My thoughts on the guys we traded

Larry Hughes--This was just one of those things that was just doomed from the start. It was the Summer of 05, the Cavs were desperate for a SG, and Ray Allen/Michael Redd were no longer on the market. Mgt. felt like we needed a "name player." That's why Hughes was signed. He left behind a perfect system for him in Washington. Him and LeBron were never gonna mesh. Larry was a very poor man's LeBron. Also was out of position at the PG spot. Injuries also plagued his run with us, and he had to deal with the loss of his brother. To his credit, he never whined or complained about anything.

Ira Newble--Always loved his defensive effort, and he could get hot from behind the arc. Mike Brown never gave him a fair chance to crack the rotation. Newble never complained. Just gave a workmanlike effort out there. I will prob. miss him the most.

Drew Gooden--For the first season, looked like an adequate replacement for Boozer. He is a nice effort player who can rebound and score some points, but is extremely inconsistent, turnover prone, and makes a lot of boneheaded mistakes. His tech. foul against Detroit in game 6 last year could've come back to haunt us. Gooden is as good as he's ever gonna be. He has added nothing to his game. Will give Chicago 15/9, and will probably be a starter/6th man for several years to come.

Cedric Simmons--Never got a chance with us. Even in Andy's absence, Brown never got him involved in the rotation.

Shannon Brown-Good athlete, decent outside shooter, and athletic, but has a lot to learn. Brown never gave him a chance. Hopefully, Chicago, who has been struggling all season and has nothing to lose by playing him, will find a spot for him in the rotation.

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