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Default Re: [ this is a Blockbuster ]

Congrats Cavs! Big Bulls fan here. The truth is..Wallace never lacked effort. He was alone in the middle. Joe Smith floats around the free throw line and wings. All Wallace ever needed was a big to help out down low. With Ilgauskas next to him, he will be great for you guys! You guys will love Joe Smith also after he hits five 15 foot jumpers in a row. He has a great mid range shot. Wally is good too. The last game Wally played against the Bulls..I was surprised how well he shot and how aggressive he was. Wally will be what Luke Jackson was suppose to be for the Cavs. As far as West is concerned..I have no clue, never really pay attention to his game. I think the trade was good for the Bulls too..more pieces...which will allow them to package Gordon, Nocioni and whatevere else, for a big like Brand ..MAYBE. Time will tell. Keep Wallace was a waste....he had no help over here. Good luck Cavs....and PLEASE beat the Pistons!!!
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