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Originally Posted by AKADS
Since Diaw was gaurding PGs 2 yrs ago and accually gaurded all 5 positions this yr I would say he could cover SFs.
He did not guard PGs. He was brought in to adress Terry's lack of distribution in the halfcourt. He was basically playing point forward, but JT was still guarding the PGs. Diaw was guarding SGs and SFs and was frequently too slow. Especially in year 2 when he had trouble recovering from an injury.

That's part of the problem. The suns have figured out that if you put him at PF, he's fast / nifty enough to take his man off the dribble, but he can't really handle the strong PF's on D. Fortunately the Suns score so much that they don't worry about D too much. If you put him at SF he won't be able to take his man off the dribble on offense, and will be on the slow side on defense.

When he was here he was guarding SF's, but on offense he was too slow to go by them, petrified of shooting even wiiiide open, which is why he was not very effective.

His best position is PF, but he will never be a standout defender at that position.
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