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Originally Posted by Perezident
wouldnt that be great though more atheletic guys on the squad tough guys who arent scared..... with the additon of him we could be atleast 4 or 3rd in the west....... st line up would look sumtin like dis

C brad miller
pf chris wilcox
sf ron ron
sg john salmons
pg mike bibs

the reason for this starting line up is bibby isnt a real play maker persay so we would need salmons to set ery one up this is where bibby can have more energy to do what he does best and thats shoot so now the offense looks proper.... and i much rather john salmons starting over kevin martin even though martin is a better shooter...... kevin brings us much needed bench scoring he and garcia is a killer combo of th bench and i like da signin of loren woods to brings us depth

Before he played for Adelman(who likes PGs to score) and when Brad broke his leg Mike did a great job setting everyone up. Also KMart did much better starting last year than he did coming off the bench. Hope we get Wilcox though.
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