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Kobe is the better shooter, he has better/more range.
Kobe is clutch. I want him and no one else to take the last shot with the game on the line. So what Lebron scored 48 on Detroit in that ONE game. He/they got spanked, got swept by the Spurs. Yet we keeping hearing about that Detroit performance like it was the GOAT. (I'm looking at you Mike Tirico. Get off Lebrons nuts already.)He just about disappeared in that series against the Spurs.

Kobe PLAYS DEFENSE. A few weeks ago when the cavs played the Lakers, supposedly on a couple plays lebron clamped down on Kobe, held him in check and I swear to God the announcers(Thank god one of them wasn't Mike Tirico) just about lost it. They were ready to put lebron on the All Defense team. Not for the season, for life. LOL!! It was so damn comical. Dude plays defense a couple mins and all of a sudden he's The Kobe Stopper. Damn shame.
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