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Default Re: InsideHoops Forum Guidelines, Search, Feedback

Originally Posted by insidehoops
I hate having to keep ****ing explaining this

Like a cancer, he keep coming back. So we let him keep that name so it's easier for us to (1) block his IP address, which keeps changing, and (2) put him on ignore or just don't click the thread when you see he started it
If that is what you want us to do, then why are you posting this thread? Banning him forces him to start all over, which is a good punishment. When he comes back, ban him again.

The idea that it is better not to ban him so that other posters will know who he is and recognize that his posts suck is not working. When he was PB, it took a long time for him to get banned, but the forum is better with him gone, and forced to create a new identity. When someone new comes into the forum and sees a guy like CP with a ton of posts, they think people are homer idiots on this forum. If they see someone with 20 posts doing that, they just think it is a noobie that will either get banned or run out of steam.

If you ban him a few times a week (once it gets reported he is back), and remove his threads, he will go away. Doing what you are doing or banning him once every few months will never work.
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