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Default Pacer Nicknames

Kind of a fun idea I thought of. Everyone give each player on the team a nickname. Not a generic nickname, or a name they already have, but make it based on how you FEEL about the player, or how they play.

I'll start

Jeff Foster - I like "Jumping" Jeff here, he's always jumping for the rebound or a loose ball. He'll always be known as Fiesty to me though.

Troy Murphy - "Softy" Self explanitory...

Danny Granger - "Young Gun" He has a shot to be this franchise's guy. Their main guy. Plus, it has a nice roll to it... Danny "Young Gun" Granger..

Mike Dunleavy - "The Horse" As I've said before, this guy puts it all on the line, he's a horse since coming to town.

Travis Diener - "No Razor" Self-explanitory, and it makes me laugh. Travis "No Razor" Diener.

Kareem Rush - "The Russian" Too cheesy?

Marquis Daniels - "Mr. Inconsistent" Again, self-explanitory...

David Harrison - "Highness" David "Highness" Harrison. I like this one the most.

Ike Diogu - This is all I got for now. Ike "I Deserve Some PLaying Time" Diogu.

Shawne Williams - "The Fifth-Dimension" He has so many dimensions to his game, it's sick. He has a chance to be a star with all of his qualities. Hopefully he won't want to be part of David "Highness" Harrison's royal family.

Jermaine O'Neal - "Oh No" Jermaine "On No" As in, "Oh no! He's injured again"

Jamaal Tinsley - "Twinkie" Just look at his fatass.
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