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Shaq was dominant because he was big and demanded doulble and triple teams, also was a factor on defense cause he clogged the paint. I do think offensivly Gasol is much more of a weapon skill wise, from what I have already seen Kobe and Gasol play together like they have for years. Wait until they actually do play for a while. Gasol can do so many things on offense pass,shoot from mid-range and drive to the hole. Oh wait and he can shoot from the line. The Lakers won 3 champipnships for a reason Shaq and Kobe and solid defense. With the addition of Gasol and the team as a whole 11-12 players deep are offense in my opinion is better than any of those 3 years. This team runs the triangle much more effecient than any of those teams and have deadly shooters from outside. They also bring it every night instead of taking nights off. They will definitley have to improve on D, with Bynum and Ariza coming back that should help alot. So Laker fans quit getting butt hurt with this comparison because this team hasn't won anything compared to the 3 chips Shaq and Kobe era. Gasol has had a great impact on this team with more to come. Pau will never have the dominant impact that Shaq had but when we do win a chip (which will be soon) it most likely would have not been done without Pau.
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