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Originally Posted by JohnnySic
Ha, maybe if they added some veterans like Wally and Scal they wouldn't have such a high pick every year.

Draft picks are always valuable, even second rounders. 2 firsts is nothing to sneeze at.

riiight, first of all, wally and scalabrine don't guarantee any more wins, infact, take g.wallace and brevin off that squad, replace them with wally and scalabrine, and they would most likely have the best chance at oden next year. sure draft picks have value, but if anyone should know how worthless these mediocre draft picks can be, its a boston fan. how many years has ainge been adding these youngsters with these mediocre picks? and WHAT does he have to show for it? not ONE player that anyone can definetely say will be a star in this league... and that's pathetic. maybe charlotte doesn't want to build like boston is. maybe they want to try a tactic different than having average players with long contracts teamed up with crappy prospects.

your entire trade was basically "i want two of your players who have serious value and manageable contracts, but i'm only willing to offer players that have no use on a team as crappy as the celtics, and a couple first rounders, one of them will probably be a late lotto pick."

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