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Default Re: P's to sign Flip Murray

Originally Posted by catzhernandez
True, I remember that year. He was getting like 23 ppg for the first month or so. SICK!

How about that game tonight? We were on FIRE!!!

Didn't watch it, decided to play No. 2 Tennessee (me) v. No. 8 Memphis (lost to Georgetown, they dropped to 22 the next week , rankings ****ed up. Trojans was number five after the second week, and Arkansas was 6. Just turrible to quote Barkley.) I'm liking the NBA more now, just didn't like the matchups tonight. Spurs-Mavs was awesome last night, and I decided to watch the Lakers-Heat while doing my homework after that one. Only Eastern Conference teams I ever watch are Detroit, Boston, and Cleveland, maybe Chicago if I need a laugh. If Pacers start playing national tv more I mite watch those games.

But yeah, I'm going to be watching more NBA soon. I'm busy this next week, though; Reading pages are due Friday, and I have 0 (need 625), that'll keep me busy. Tomorrow is college ball day, and then sunday is nba day, I think Mavs-Lakers. Might hit the rec with some of my friends too, so not much reading time. We got state tournament for bball on tuesday, no school, o and i have a project for history but that'll be easy just type stuff, cut out, collor, paste to big cardboard paper thing, and type a one page report double spaced. Then I'll sit on my ass next weekend, though i might have to do some mock trial stuff. that gets over march 14, so then i can just piss away my evenings until the next big project comes along. CAN'T WAIT!

Oh, I also have to pass my permit test or I can't drive till next summer I'll get er done, just gotta find time. I'll study a bit every day, but basic common sense is really all i need

go spurs go

worry not i love the pacers too except for those liil trublemakers danlies tins willisms etc.
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