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Originally Posted by gts
why is it every guy who becomes available suddenly is a "must have" all world player, why is it that these guys suddenly develope talents that nobody else has seen? lol

I dont know what you're talking about, I dont sit there waiting for free agents to become available and then make a thread about that. I simply think and know this is a great Idea to bring back another PG that can show our guards the meaning of lockdown D. Im sick of Fisher giving up wide open shots and getting his ass posted up by the stronger guards.

Originally Posted by gts
lue is a journey man PG at best, has never done anything to ditinguish himself as a gotta have player, that's why he's played for 7 teams in 12 years...

Journey men has nothing to do with it. The fact is this guy knows how to play on both ends of the court and is very well experienced, with the lakers and with other teams in different situations, whether it be winning a championship, or losing and missing the playoffs. It'd be great to have a guy like him. Jimmy Jackson played for more teams in his career, does that automatically make him a bad player? no, he simply brings good trade value. There's nothing wrong with players like that.

Originally Posted by gts
as for knowing the triangle he played under phil for two seasons.. in two seasons he played in a total of 46 games and started once..yeah he was a real cog in the wheel that one.... there are reasons some guys are EX

Phil said it himself, it takes two years to completely master the triangle. Its an offense that you dont forget once you learn because it's all about high IQ and instincts.

Reason he didnt play a lot was because we had Harper, and Fisher. Fisher is a better offensive guard, but Tyronn Lue's defense is really necessary to have. Thats what I have been focusing on, his defense.

Don't you think if we made the finals, his D would help so much on young inexperienced guys like Rondo? Or maybe help guys like chauncey suffer a bit? Tyronn would be perfect for any job. He can play

Originally Posted by gts
look no further than his salary..he has never had a contract for more than 3.5 million..that tells you right there no team has ever thought of him as anything more than a bench player and now he's better than

I never said he was better than fisher. Once again Salary's got nothing to do with it. For crying out loud people think Fisher is overpaid with his 4 million a year. I dont think of him as a starter either. Thats why I said when guys like fish or farmar struggle, we have a guy like Tyronn that can step up and play some hard core defense, because come on..

its no secret that when Farmar and Fisher struggle offensively, they become worse defensively. Its gonna happen. Like we have been seeing lately from Fisher and previously have seen from farmar.

I know what you're going to say next, "We're first place with a 13-2 record this month."

thats all well and good but we can still miss the playoffs....and let me ask, what did we do to get to first place? We played on both ends of the court, and nobody was playing with any ego.

Well Right now Fisher can't buy a basket with the deed to his house, all his wide open jumpshots are off! He even airballed it against Miami last game when noone closed out on him.

He's not going to keep shooting bad I know, but when he does, he doesnt play defense, and we're gonna need someone like Lue to step in whenever that happens.

I hope you see my point.

Its not about replacing fisher at all. its just to bring some more fresh players.
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